Doctors Who Don’t Believe in ADHD

Many doctors still don’t believe in ADHD. It is a real disorder that affects millions of people every day and it can be hard to get diagnosed and treated. Don’t give up hope though! There are several treatments for the symptoms of ADHD available, including medication and therapy. In this post, we will discuss someContinue reading “Doctors Who Don’t Believe in ADHD”

ADHD and Business: a Successful Combination.

ADHD and Business: a Successful Combination. Many ADHD success stories involve people who started their own company and achieved the American dream.      Entrepreneurship and ADHD can make a great pairing, but ADHD also presents some unique challenges. ADHD entrepreneurs will need to tackle those challenges before they can succeed as well as others do.Continue reading “ADHD and Business: a Successful Combination.”

Are you a professional with ADHD?

What is ADHD? Are you a professional with ADHD? How do you know if you have ADHD? ADHD is an issue that affects millions of Americans and this includes doctors, lawyers, and your run-of-the-mill CEO. It can affect one’s behavior and ability to focus but it can present differently in adults. Perhaps a messy orContinue reading “Are you a professional with ADHD?”

Many ADHD women go undiagnosed.

Many ADHD women go undiagnosed, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. ADHD is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It affects men and women differently with symptoms often being more intense in girls than boys. ADHD can present differently in females when compared with males decreasing the likelihood of timely diagnosis. Why does ADHDContinue reading “Many ADHD women go undiagnosed.”

What should I feel with ADHD medication

Physical feelings with stimulants for ADHD Forget that they are called stimulants (Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, etc). Many people with ADHD feel tired with these medications. It’s the same people who say they can drink coffee and still fall asleep. What’s happening to the brain physically is that dopamine is being released. This happens with anythingContinue reading “What should I feel with ADHD medication”

What to do when ADHD meds don’t work.

There are alternative treatments for ADHD. For a lot of people, medications will not work. This is unfortunate because medications have such a good track record in terms of efficacy and can lead to significant improvements in individuals that can take them. There is a targeted approach with regard to medication management. There’s more toContinue reading “What to do when ADHD meds don’t work.”