Get Ready for 2021 with ADHD

With ADHD, always expect the unexpected. Worried? Don’t be. One of the many positives about the ADHD mindset is the ability to anticipate problems. So let’s start by getting ready. Love Trouble: Ask that special someone in your life if there is anything you can do to make their life easier. You might not beContinue reading “Get Ready for 2021 with ADHD”

Why me and ADHD?

I didn’t choose this! I was born this way! Too much TV, too much sugar, too many video games… I’ve heard it all. If ADHD was truly a disease (like diabetes or hypertension or even cancer), it would track differently between generations from a genetic standpoint and certain populations would be affected disproportionately. What ifContinue reading “Why me and ADHD?”

Why can’t I learn from my mistakes?

Heart breaks don’t always have to be romantic My heart breaks every time I come across a patient that is getting better but doesn’t believe it. I found that this is especially true of those with ADHD. One patient may say “Why can’t I learn from my mistakes?” while another says “I don’t think youContinue reading “Why can’t I learn from my mistakes?”

ADHD, COVID-19, and Outbreak

What?!! How can you correlate the three?! Let’s equate this current COVID-19 outbreak to the movie, “Outbreak“. It’s no secret that people with ADHD have a keen ability to sense danger. It’s just that no one listens to us until it’s too late. Cue Dustin Hoffman’s character, Sam Daniels. As I watched it again forContinue reading “ADHD, COVID-19, and Outbreak”

ADHD and Anxiety

People with anxiety and depression should always be screened for ADHD at the very least. The reason behind this is because people with undiagnosed ADHD have most likely learned to cope with stress in unhealthy ways. Imagine if you’re the kid that gets called on in class to answer a question but you got distractedContinue reading “ADHD and Anxiety”

ADHD and Medication

I have ADHD. Now what? Do I start pills? Do I have to take them for the rest of my life? (We got that one covered at the end of the post.) Do I have to tell my work? How will I remember every day?? The answers are not so simple. I recommend discussing itContinue reading “ADHD and Medication”

ADHD and Wellness

As people with ADHD, we focus more on others, so it is important to take time to look inwards every once in a while. Am I feeling positive? Do I have people that can reassure me when I’m feeling down? What am I getting out of life? Self Reflection and Meditation are two things thatContinue reading “ADHD and Wellness”