Anxiety Belongs in the Present (Not the Past or the Future)

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    Anxiety and ADHD are often connected, and if you're struggling, remember: anxiety is a way that our bodies and minds protect us from imminent danger.

    But anxiety doesn't belong in the past (we can't change it) or in the future (we can't predict what will happen).

    If we can keep it in the present, we can honor it as a gift, and better handle it when it interferes with our everyday lives.


    A good analogy is the turtle: the hard exterior shell can protect from danger, and warn off predators or threats.

    But underneath the shell, a turtle is quite vulnerable, and soft. The shell serves a purpose and is there to do a job (just like anxiety) but ultimately, the turtle must poke its head out to survive.


    If you are:

    • a good person (or doing your best to be a good person)
    • working to help people around you
    • willing to learn from your experiences -- good, bad and in between

    Then you are also uniquely suited to poke your head out and ask for help.

    I would be honored to speak with you about your goals and struggles. Use the link below to book a coaching session with me today!

    Patel, Devang
    You're ready to take charge of your life. To unearth your true value. And to fulfill your potential.

    I want you to know something: you are not broken just because you have ADHD.

    But the system often is, for adults and kids who are navigating life with a neurodivergent brain. Unfortunately, too many doctors and medical professionals will tell you that you have a disorder, or an illness. And they'll tell you the only path is medication.

    How do I know? Because I'm a medical doctor...

    ...who also has ADHD.

    I'm on a mission to offer quality care and coaching to people who are ready to THRIVE through their diagnosis.

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    Devang Patel

    I am a board certified family physician. I am married and have two beautiful girls. I have ADHD too (hence blog name I was diagnosed with ADHD during my residency training AFTER medical school. Now I want to help others lead more productive lives by giving practical examples and suggestions.

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