Help is on the Way for ADHD (VIDEO)

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    Do you have ADHD? Help is on the way!

    I was diagnosed with ADHD after finishing medical school, so I know how challenging it can be to go through your childhood and into early adulthood knowing that something is different in the way your brain works -- but not being sure what it is, or how to work with it, rather than against it.

    As a medical professional with ADHD, I'm also passionate about helping people understand that it is not a typical disorder, but is actually more of an inherited trait, and one that is prevalent in a lot of people.

    When I see patients, their number one frustration is that they don't feel heard.

    Many doctors don't fully understand that patients that they see who have ADHD are trying to describe their troubles, but may have difficulty articulating it.

    Some doctors may think that ADHD is a disease of convenience or affluence.

    But another way to look at it is that people who have ADHD may have difficult journeys -- getting into trouble for being hyperactive or unfocused, or not doing well on standardized tests or in typical classrooms.

    When was growing up, I certainly experienced all of those, but because I also grew up watching my father in his pharmacy, I became very curious about healthcare and medical systems.

    That curiosity helped me find my purpose and my passion, and those were strong enough that I was able to overcome some of the challenges of my ADHD.

    And again, I didn't even know it was ADHD at the time!

    It really wasn't until I got to medical school that I had the opportunity to match my curiosity with official training. I loved medical school, and have such great memories of my time there.

    I had challenges, but they were fun! And I'm not alone.

    ADHD patients don't deserve to feel like second-class citizens, or misunderstood by their loved ones and their medical providers.

    That's why I recorded this message. If you have ADHD, love someone who has or may have ADHD, or are a medical professional working with patients who have ADHD, I hope that this inspires you and gives you hope!

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    Devang Patel

    I am a board certified family physician. I am married and have two beautiful girls. I have ADHD too (hence blog name I was diagnosed with ADHD during my residency training AFTER medical school. Now I want to help others lead more productive lives by giving practical examples and suggestions.

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