ADHD and Business: A Successful Combination

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    Many ADHD success stories involve people who started their own company and achieved the American dream.

    Entrepreneurship and ADHD can make a great pairing, but ADHD also presents some unique challenges.

    ADHD entrepreneurs will need to tackle those challenges before they can succeed as well as others do.

    ADHD often makes it harder to focus on work tasks like organizing, planning, setting goals, and self-motivating. However, people with ADHD may be more creative than others and have all kinds of ideas popping into their minds every minute of the day which gives them an advantage over other types of people in terms of coming up with new business opportunities or improving existing ones.

    And being creative is one of the best aspects of this type of mindset because ADHDers can use creativity to help them focus on the ADHD-specific challenges that they face.

    ADHD entrepreneurs will likely need some assistance for this purpose, however, whether it's ADHD coaching or hiring someone to help with ADHD organization and planning.

    Because ADHD affects different people in different ways, ADHD entrepreneurs should take advantage of their business community by accessing resources like ADHD associations, reading books about ADHD success stories (like one of my favorite books called "Delivered from Distraction"), and attending conferences.

    People with ADHD are often passionate individuals who want things done their way -- and on their time frame. They may not always work well with others, but ADHD entrepreneurs can harness these positive traits while also working on collaboration skills.

    This might mean ADHD-proofing the workplace and allowing ADHD entrepreneurs to work from home (or more specifically, ADHD centers of excellence where ADHD entrepreneurs can do what they do best without distraction). ADHDers often run into problems when others don't respect their time.

    You can finally stop doing good and start living good.

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    Entrepreneurs with ADHD should also try to avoid distractions such as excessive video games and social media. Some ADHD experts actually recommend taking medication for this purpose since people who would rather play video games than work might not be able to find success as business owners.

    Because of this, it's crucial that ADHD entrepreneurs create a schedule and stick to it. It's all about finding the right balance between discipline and creativity -- something ADHD entrepreneurs will need more than most people.

    In conclusion, ADHD and business: a combination that can be extremely successful but ADHD entrepreneurs face their own unique challenges.

    ADHD entrepreneurs should try to access ADHD resources, hire ADHD help, ADHD-proof the workplace, have ADHD-specific schedules set in place, avoid distractions and learn to harness ADHD traits that are beneficial to this type of lifestyle.

    Disclaimer: I am a physician who has ADHD. This is just my take on what I've read/learned for myself or seen firsthand through personal experiences with ADHDers throughout my lifetime. If you think there are any errors about the subject matter being talked about within this article, feel free to comment below so that it can be corrected for future readers who wish to learn more about this particular topic as well.

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