ADHD, COVID-19, and Outbreak

What?!! How can you correlate the three?!

Let’s equate this current COVID-19 outbreak to the movie, “Outbreak“.

It’s no secret that people with ADHD have a keen ability to sense danger. It’s just that no one listens to us until it’s too late.

Cue Dustin Hoffman’s character, Sam Daniels. As I watched it again for the hundredth time (1st time on Netflix), with my wife, I couldn’t believe how much his character was classic ADHD.

So you should watch it again and see if you can see yourself doing the things he did. I mean the small things. The hero of the movie had certain idiosyncrasies that I related to very well. One that made both me and my wife laugh was not being able to honor time commitments (Renee Russo getting into cab scene) because something “important” came up. (In this case, a deadly virus).

Also, just like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies(because he was SO ADHD!), he had marital issues, was a loose cannon, was charming with a certain charisma, fought many obstacles but always got his way, risked his life to save so many people, and at the end, exposed himself to risk for love.

So in conclusion, let’s just hope COVID-19 doesn’t require a military quarantine.

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