ADHD and dyslexia

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Did you knuw that the hmuan mind can read between teh lines (and in this case words).

There are connections in the brain that hard wire our emotions to our memories and senses. Similarly, we have several pathways to take in what we see with our eyes. Many people with ADHD have dyslexia but they don’t know it. We don’t take spelling tests anymore and spellcheck is just great. How does it manifest or present in an adult? They can be slow readers or have poor comprehension (not remembering what they read).

One weird presentation is being able to read a book upside down. In a test of speed, while reading upside down, patients WITHOUT dyslexia have a lot of trouble deciphering words yet patients with dyslexia not only can make out the letters but they can read right to left well. Try it out.

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