ADHD2 is the comprehensive educational and empowerment partnership platform for people with ADHD, who think they may have ADHD and those who love someone with ADHD.

No matter where you are or what your experience has been, you can tap into and release your inner power.

Unearth your true value

Break the cycle

Be more productive

Activate practical solutions for a better life

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Adults With ADD/ADHD


Children Aged 3-17 Diagnosed With ADD/ADHD


Children Aged 2-7 Diagnosed With ADD/ADHD and Taking Medications


Children With ADD/ADHD Who Have at Least One Other Mental, Emotional, or Behavioral Challenge

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About the Founder

Dr. Devang Patel, D.O.

Dr. Patel acts as a servant leader to help you in the journey where you unleash your inner Steve Jobs.

Dr. Patel believes that the society has misunderstood individuals with ADHD and that they have suffered enough with the stigma. His approach is to empower you by giving you tools that you can use throughout life.

With his personal experience with ADHD, he is able to truly empathize with you and show you some of the unconventional means that has worked for him.

His professional experience as a physician combined with his personal success with meditation and breathing techniques has helped him to manage things with a combination of everything.

  • ADHD Specialist & Board Certified Family Medicine currently accepting patients in Texas and Illinois

    Crescent Medical Service, PC is a new type of medical practice designed for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ONLY. We work with all ages and help the individual(s) to resolve self-determined problems with objective measures in an empathetic environment. We provide a customized solution that may include medication(s), non-medication alternatives, coaching, behavioral therapy, diet, or a combination approach so you can thrive in your world!

    Our service is based on the Direct Primary care model and gives you flat fee pricing making it affordable to receive the care you deserve.

Patel, Devang
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